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ASE provides a whole array of semiconductor testing services to our customers, including back-end engineering testing, wafer probing, final testing of logic, mixed signal, and memory semiconductors, along with other test-related services. Alternatively, and preferably because it is faster, at least one of the PN junctions inside the device, in this instance the base-emitter PN junction as well as the base-collector PN junction, may be switched off and on by small pulses of current, as an example, using pulses about 25 to about 225 millisecond duration.

Moreover, because the present invention permits the devices to be analyzed to be combined to the back side of the circuit board, this provides extra clearance which enables the devices and/or the interface board to be oriented in places that may otherwise be impossible if they were mounted on the component side.

When testing memory devices such as SDRAM (Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory), Rambus DRAM or SRAM (Static Random Access Memory), the packed device is inserted into a test socket that interfaces the device to check gear that assesses the electrical and functional characteristics as well as the reliability of the device.

1 instance wherein such requirements are imposed is that devices are now required to be capable of working at very low temperatures, like roughly -40° C. To be able to ascertain whether or not a specific semiconductor device will function at such temperatures, completed devices must be tested at reduced temperatures before they’re delivered to a client.

The amount of current injected is dependent on the size and capability of the device 10. Normally, current specifications require that electric tests be performed in somewhere between -30° and -40° C. In the case wherein the temperature of the unit 10 was initially reduced to about -60° C. the pulsing time usually required to reach about -40° C. is on the purchase of between 50 and 500 milliseconds.

The whole period of the liquid flow may be controlled either manually or mechanically by a control means 52 like a solenoid valve, inserted in the fluid flow line 48 between the fluid source 46 along with the nozzle 50. But since the duration of the fluid flow is rather short, it is preferred that the controller means 52 be connected using a control line 54 into a timing device (not shown).

When switch 42 is depressed, this voltage is connected through resistor 51 to receptacle 14. Similarly, when switch 44 is depressed battery voltage is connected through resistor 53 to receptacle 14. Resistor 53 is of a substantially higher resistance than resistor 51, preferably at least two times as large, with the result that a higher current is provided through resistor 51 than through resistor 53. Most semiconductor devices can be satisfactorily analyzed with low present by utilizing switch 44, but a few large devices need a greater present as provided by change 42.

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